EspaƱol Entre Amigos 3

EspaƱol Entre Amigos 3 is a free education app by Editorial Geu currently available on Apple's App Store. It was first released on 25th March 2016. It supports 2 languages/regions, which is great. We have estimated that EspaƱol Entre Amigos 3 generated $1,396.40 USD since its release 1,396 days ago, with daily revenue estimated at $1 USD. If it were to be sold it could be worth about $1,825 USD to potential buyers (based on it's total estimated daily earnings over 5 years). The app is 55.04 MB and can be downloaded without a Wi-Fi connection. It is decent sized app to download. Page updated 20th January 2020.


Name/Title: EspaƱol Entre Amigos 3
Created By: Editorial Geu
Price: Free
File Size: 55.04 MB
Genres: Education, Entertainment
Age: 1,396 Days
First Release Date: 25th March 2016
Current Version: 1.0 (Released 25th March 2016)
Safe for Children Safe
Content Classification: Suitable for ages 4+ and contains
Apple TV Support: No
Uses Game Center: No
Minimum Operating System: 8.1
Primary Currency: USD
Languages/Regions: English, German
Title Length: 23
Title Words Count: 3
Description Length: 1,084
Description Words Count: 182

Estimated Earnings, Revenue & Worth

Daily Revenue: $1 USD
Monthly Revenue: $30.42 USD
Yearly Revenue: $365 USD
All-Time Revenue: $1,396.40 USD (1,396 days of earnings)
Worth/Sale Value: $1,825 USD (5 years of earnings)
Note: The above values are estimates only and may be incorrect.

Estimated App Store Downloads, Impressions & Views

Daily Installs: 10
Monthly Installs: 304
Yearly Installs: 3,650
All-Time Installs: 13,964 (1,396 days of downloads)
Daily Impressions: 1,010
Monthly Impressions: 30,721
Yearly Impressions: 368,650
All-Time Impressions: 1,410,367 (1,396 days of impressions)
Daily Views: 40
Monthly Views: 1,217
Yearly Views: 14,600
All-Time Views: 55,856 (1,396 days of views)
Note: The above values are estimates only and may be incorrect.

Reviews & Ratings

Our Review: None yet.
App Store Rating: 0/5
App Store Rating (All Versions): 0/5

App Store Rankings

Type Terms Rank (Position)
Search a2 3 #2
Search a2 free 3 #2

App Store Optimization (ASO)

Title Length: Great - uses 20+ characters
Description Length: Great - uses 1,000+ characters
iPhone Screenshots: Not ideal - pitch the app better by showing more screenshots
iPad Screenshots: Not ideal - pitch the app better by showing more screenshots
Versions: Not ideal - 45.91 months since last update (rank better by updating every month)
Reviews & Ratings: Not ideal - not enough reviews and ratings
File Size: Great - app is under 150 MB in file size

When was EspaƱol Entre Amigos 3 first released and/or created?

EspaƱol Entre Amigos 3 was first released and/or created on 25th March 2016. The latest version was released on 25th March 2016.

Supported Devices

Type Supported Models
iPhone 4s, 5, 5c, 5s, 6, 6 Plus, 6s, 6s Plus, SE, 7, 7 Plus, 8, 8 Plus, X, X S, X S Max, X R, 1 1, 1 1 Pro, 1 1 Pro Max
iPad 2, Third Gen, Fourth Gen, Mini, Air, Mini Retina, Air 2, Mini 3, Mini 4, Pro, 8 1 2, 8 3 4, 8 5 6, 8 7 8, Mini 5, Air 3, Seventh Gen
iPod Touch Fifth Gen, Touch Sixth Gen, Touch Seventh Gen